Pet Store, Murder, Illegal Gambling, Oh My!

Able Abrego had run a successful pet shop for several months, advertising sales of fish and other pets color painted on his business front walls. The store is located in northwest Harris County, which is northwest of Houston, Texas. Drive by and you may be enticed to stop in and buy some fish as the colored paintings on the building’s wall are vivacious and inviting.

But Saturday night Able Abrego’s pet shop storefront and life changed forever when a suspected robber walked in his front door.

Abrego sensed the robber as soon as he walked in and he instantly pulled out a shotgun from behind his counter. He fired at the guy without hesitation, but a lady patron, Gloria Cruz, 40, who had just entered the store stepped in front of the bullet. She was hit square in the head and died on the scene.

So Abrego will now face a grand jury to determine whether he will be charged with the murder of the Latino wife and mother.

When the police arrived on the scene, however, this story took an odd twist. The police did not find one pet in the store. No fish, no birds, no dogs, snakes, or other animals that were painted on the exterior walls. Instead, they found over 50 eight-liner slots and the store was set up as a mini-casino.

To add a twist of irony, Mrs. Cruz and her husband were considered VIP’s at the makeshift casino because they were frequent visitors.

Police seized all of the eight-liners and Abrego is being held on charges for running an illegal gambling business.