In December, Lumiere Place will open its doors, and the brand new property from Pinnacle Entertainment will be one of the most attractive destinations on Earth, literally.

The company is currently in the process of trying to find attractive, intelligent people with an outgoing personality to pencil into one of their 1,200 job openings.

They have gone so far as to ask the assistance of modeling agencies to help find talent that will eventually become the Ladies and Gents of Lumiere. These people will fill a variety of roles for the company including, but not limited to, bartenders, food servers, and cocktail waitresses.

The company has even gone as far as to put restrictions on height and weight of applicants, although their standards are said to be set moderately.

The advantage to being picked as one of these employees is plentiful as they will receive spa treatments, tanning, and other beauty services upon their hiring.

Also, there are certain people that will receive discounted or free tuition to school.

Although there are requirements as far as what the company is looking for, it is reported that there has never been a case of anyone being fired for violating the companies five percent rule.

This rule states that an employee must never go above or below 5% of their starting weight, and although that seems difficult, the employee can adjust that target weight after a year of service with the company.

The company has employed this hiring process before as they used it for their L’Auberge Du Lac Hotel & Casino in Lake Charles, Louisiana.