Play online Blackjack game, and find out for yourself why this particular game has created a battle of wits between gamblers and casinos for centuries!

Like any form of gambling, luck, instinct, and hunches all play a part, and many gamblers rely on these alone.

But Blackjack is the choice of systematic gamblers because it really is possible to win on a system based on mathematical probability.

The game of Blackjack originated in France and was played as early as 1700, and is closely related to other games such as French Ferme and Chemin de Fer. Originally known as Vingt et Un (twenty-one in French), the game became known as Blackjack since the highest score is given to a combination of the Ace and Jack of Spades. Brought to America in the early 1800’s, Blackjack came into its own when gambling was re-legalized in Nevada in the early 1930’s.

However, Blackjack caught the public interest in the second half of the twentieth century, thanks to the appearance of an article entitled “The Optimum Strategy in Blackjack” by Roger Baldwin. This was followed by Professor Edward O. Thorp’s book “Beat the Dealer”, which was an American bestseller. And to top them all, a gambler named Ken Uston won huge amounts of money from a casino in almost no time. How did he do it? He had a team of five players – and hidden in their shoes were computers programmed with a system to beat the odds! The FBI ruled that this was not cheating since he was using information available publicly. Uston’s exploits were the subject of a popular movie, based on his book “The Big Player”.

Needless to say, this rocked the casino world – after all, casinos are there to make money, and variations such as multiple card decks were introduced to even out the playing field. Even so, a skilled gambler can use a good strategy and card counting techniques to give himself a better-than-even chance of winning.

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